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  1. so if the sites had reached 100% daily hits they will close? what's the point ?! this ain't profitable It will kill the trust of my clients
  2. in the Cpanel there are daily hits and inodes what are these and how can i control them?
  3. hello, i downloaded a them for my host and the only file that i found named newtemplate2012.tar.gz where and how should i put this ? or maybe there's mistake with this file ?
  4. thanks , but i want download links not names please
  5. i mean that i wanna a freehosting php script like whmcs but a free one
  6. hello, can anyone give me a free hosting script working prefectly i've searched alot and i didn't find anything worth so this host gives or makes free hosting websites so im asking u to give me the script please !
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