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  1. .tk domain names are blacklisted on free hosting due to way to many 'bad' sites using this free extension.
  2. @InfinityFree exactly, also there is an additional burndon on our servers terminating ssl connections / adding extra configs to support the ssl termination making it not free to provide as it has a hit on cpu / ram on the said hosting servers (meaning more servers, and more cost for us to maintain).
  3. You could have a custom signup script if you use the API, however this is not something we support, you need to code and develop your own systems around the api .
  4. The problem here was that you were asking for changes to your reseller account, asking for reseller domains to be removed (which we do not officially support in any way) , then tickets were created regarding removing ghost users caused by this, etc, etc. We have a high tolerance for providing support for free clients, however if you start to create on average more than 100* the tickets per month of a normal free client we will let you know ! The community here have knowledge of most the MOFH intricacies
  5. vistapanel is closed source, and access to the shared vpanel code is not possible (same for order.$domain ) , would be akin to saying to slack, hey give me access to slack code I want to fix something , not going to happen.
  6. our current dns implementation allows for 255 chars max in the data part, this limitation is the reason we have not added this to date.
  7. multiple ip addresses are not currently supported.
  8. its probably being blocked as your 'browser' is not passing the cookie test.
  9. Please see : http://kb.ifastnet.com/index.php?/article/AA-00201/0/Email-on-free-hosting.html
  10. you'd need to 'beg' infinityfree / profreehost for this, however I'd guess as they have spent 'their' time developing this script they would not give it away for free
  11. To clarify, premium hosting we take a weekly backup, free hosting you need to take your own backups As always though its 'your' data, and if you value it take your own backups as a matter of process.
  12. We have started rolling out lets encrypt certificates for client accessing vpanel, eg https://cpanel.$reseller_domain will work with a trusted certificate once the initial rollout is completed.
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