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  1. That's different @InfinityFree You can decide to be a sponsor to Let's Encrypt its not required. While the person who gave the pen away either had to pay for it or steal it. Also for the friend that got the pen it was free for them. Because that didn't pay a penny.
  2. Sponsors decide to give Let's Encrypt funds. But technically it is not required. Let's Encrypt is 100% FREE. Now if you decide to donate that is a different matter. If you wanna donate it does not mean Let's Encrypt is not free. Because donating is a choice not a requirement. So my point is if a service is 100% free then it would really hurt to have it on the free plan. And actually since Let's Encrypt is only in paid plans technically you are paying for it even though it's free. @InfinityFree
  3. Yes thank you @mike I have already talked privately with one of the administrators... Sadly my ssl issue is a internal issue I was told to create new resellers account.
  4. I have a total of only 30 tickets. And most were important. The following are tickets I opened about. 1. Couldn't register a count because it said ip keep changing. (important) 2. Asking about daily limit (not important) 3. Cloudflare SSL (somewhat important) 4. About MyOwnFreeHost (somewhat important) 5. Reported I glitch I found in MyOwnFreeHost (important) 6. Question about MyOwnFreeHost API Login (somewhat important) 7. Using MyOwnFreeHost (somewhat important) 8. FTP doesn't work on TLS (important) 9. Uploaded files disappearing (somewh
  5. No problem... And I know right... But they said because support costs money and that I was opening to many tickets... So I just didn't say anything. Rather not get my resellers account suspended!
  6. @mike when I make a support ticket I have a reason. And secondly I am very educated and respected to those around me. And no I believe that is incorrect. I have seen support team edit glitches that I have reported specifically for my website. And unless everyone else got those changes then this theory is incorrect.
  7. @mike I do. That's partly the reason why I'm here now. I was threatened that if I keep opening tickets they will terminate my account. @Admin Why is this please explain further. I do know that your support mean has access to these sub domains so I would like to, to. This should actually be made possible for all resellers so we can tweak theses sub domains and make them better. (no offense intended)
  8. Request: I need access to http://cpanel.deluxehost.tk and http://order.deluxehost.tk Reason: There are a glitches and errors that I keep finding. So I like to have access to these sub-domains so I am able to more quickly solve these issues! I hope you understand. Thank you in advance! @Admin @Administrator
  9. As @InfinityFree said you are able to change your PHP version as you please all the way down to 5.4 and all the way up to 7.1. But sadly PHP 7.1 is still not available.
  10. Will we be expecting for that character limit to become bigger to allow TXT records? ~Thank you in advance!
  11. My sites have not gone down. Still up and working. I would say it may be because of some bad code but if it's more than one person experiencing this issue then it must be more than that. They may or may not be experiencing some over load on their servers since I have though notice that it something takes awhile for my sites to load. I recomment contacting https://support.ifastnet.com for more info or just wait a bit to see if issue has been resolved. Another cause of this they may be doing some maintenance or getting a DOS attack like 2 weeks ago. Hope this helped! If it did leave a like!
  12. For windows I know another method. ------------------------------------------------------------- First press Win+R to open up Run app(command). Then just type in ipconfig /flushdns (remember to add a space before the slash(/) ) then just press enter. If you did everything correctly a black window should pop-up and close immediately. Hope this helped! If it did leave a like!
  13. @ukclearance As I check your website right now (https://www.turnkeyresellerwebhosting.com/signup.php) I may have found the problem. The problem may reside in a mixed content and blocked content error. Chrome gave the following errors: *Mixed Content: The page at 'https://www.turnkeyresellerwebhosting.com/signup.php' was loaded over a secure connection, but contains a form which targets an insecure endpoint 'http://order.turnkeyresellerwebhosting.com/register2.php'. This endpoint should be made available over a secure connection. *Mixed Content: The page at 'https://www.turnkey
  14. I have spoken to support team and they have said that SSL is on the way for all accounts. including free ones! I do not have a specific date since they them self aren't sharing that info. But now it is just a matter of waiting a bit more. Hope this helped! If it did leave a like!
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