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  1. Do you still have these free hosting templates? Could you sent one to me?

  2. Hi burke. Remember me? I cant message or use chatbox.. Also lost my moderator status.

  3. If you use a CMS such as wordpress. Plugins are available which does the work automatically for you.
  4. https://www.ispsystem.com/software/billmanager/download
  5. Hey, Its me again. My account is limited. I cannot chat or send messages. Also i lost my super moderator status. 

    And on the side note, i would like to design the new home page for myownfreehost and more free hosting templates. Thanks.

    1. Malvin


      Could you give me free hosting templates? Thank you.

  6. Website speed depends on a number of numerous factors, including the amount of plugins your wordpress site uses, and make sure you use optimal settings on w3 total cache and i recommend using EWWW image optimizer as well.
  7. I propose that we have a php version changer upto php version 7 or 7.1 for free hosting. As the web is constantly changing, this is very important to the future of the free hosting.
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