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  1. @PCTipsGR Let me take a moment to answer you one by one: We select PING (Seems you got it!) All our resell sites are up and running, and there seems to be no problem with Emulasite Sign up at our end. If you are facing some difficulty registering, or have detected a bug at Emulasite, you can write to me personally at shouvik@mitra.ooo. If you are an existing customer at Emulasite, please raise a ticket about your complaint or write to us at support@emulasite.ml I have activated Flexible SSL Option via CloudFlare, keep in mind some issues that you might face after enablin
  2. Today I will be showing you how to create an awesome real-time status page for your hosting service and all for free! At the end of this post, you will have your own awesome status pages like Emulasite Server Status for free with SSL support. Uptime Robot is a free online service that monitors your website every five minutes and notifies if your site(s) is down, via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, push, Slack, HipChat, web-hooks. It asks for websites headers and gets status codes like “200-ok”, “404-not found” etc., every 5 minutes. If the status code doesn’t indicate any problem, then your site is up
  3. I think we are not on the same page!
  4. You don't really get what Byet does here! Do you? The main motive of a reseller program is to open multiple shops/portals for the same service. By signing up with myownfreehost you agree to offer their service by creating and managing your own shop (your website). So, at the end of the day if there is a sale, the profit still goes to iFastNet and in return what you get is a commision (affiliates). Thus, if someone is upgrading via my site, isn't it obvious that iFastNet is making a sell?
  5. I guess that why I said resell and not sell. What I asked for is some API's which could be used to search, buy and manage domain names along with hosting. The control panel shouldn't just redirect to iFastNet when someone has to manage their domain or buy one. Why can't they do so through our own website?
  6. I was wondering if myownfreehost could also offer us feature to resell domain names as well. We could expand our business and at the same time multiply our profits. Just a suggestion!
  7. Emails send to users via our our webmails should be encrypted by byethost as this could help users verify the mails sent by us are authentic and is not a spam. Please look into the matter at your earliest. @Admin Thanking You, Shouvik M.
  8. What happens when a customer forgets to renew his/her domain associated to the reseller account? Will he be able to link the domain back to it's servers once again and not lose any client data by just buying back the domain and forwarding the Nameservers to ns1.byethost.com & ns2.byethost.com Or Does he lose all the client data stored?
  9. Please support me with the script. Here's my email id: admin@emulasite.ml It was kind of you. Thanks, Shouvik Mitra.
  10. Currently all pages are self-signed by default, and useless to say that Cloudflare doesn't quite works well with reseller hosting accounts. So, if each account is by default made secure through Let's Encrypt free SSL then it would really help the reseller admins. Best Regards, Shouvik Mitra.
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