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  1. Does anyone know if I will lose access to the forum if I upgrade to a premium reseller account?
  2. What specific docs are you inquiring about? Software? or tutorials?
  3. Yes, this is true. You can also use a site builder independently of the hosting environment. I have recommended [REDACTED | COMPETING SERVICE] in the past for this function. They do have a free plan that could be beneficial. If you should chose to upgrade though all of your account settings do transfer and iFastnet provides SSL by default on all paid plan's using Let;s Encrypt Auto SSL. So, you won't even need to buy or configure any SSL Certificates manually after that
  4. The issue is FTP uses insecure connection type on the standard port unless you use SFTP which uses a different port all together. So, if you do require a secure connection use a SFTP client instead of the unsecured protocol
  5. I can help with the email service. We are gifting two stand alone email boxes that just require you to update mail records in MOFH via vpanel to make it work. Pm for more information
  6. I fell behind on this as I have been super busy with upgrading our mail server and increasing its security protocols due to recent influx of DDOS attacks. But, this is still on the project list. I do have the domain reserved and I am researching the best way to build this out and what tools are going to be neccessary in order for it work and be useful. Stay tuned for further updates
  7. @Kirill After running a domain health check I have discovered there id an issue with the server not responding. Please contact the iFastnet Support Team at https://ifastnet.com/support and open a ticket so they can address the server failure
  8. @starline Okay in the simplest of terms NS records are like phone numbers for the interweb. When you type in a domain name the g-tld (.com) ns looks to see if they have information stored on your domains location. it then forwards your browser to the non-auth NS (Domain Registrar glue records) which has information for your parent name servers. Your parent NS (MOFH NS) has the information for your local NS (server NS that your site actually resides on. The local NS then provides the ip address and SNI information to display the requested resource. So as you can see if you don't set up y
  9. I have a basic html sigin page that is hosted on your domain and you can direct your customers to sign into this page. It passes credentials through the existing Vista Panel Mod Login box and logs customers into thier account. If you want to redirect to your login page if login fails then use the "failurl" value to redirect back to the login page. See attached screen shot of my login page and message me if you would like the code to create your own
  10. in regards to the welcome email, to create a www link @Dimitris is correct. It won't work because the www will be out of place making it a broken link. These days most people don't even use www anymore. They just use the main domain address because it reduces typing and gets them to the same site. WWW is still available as legacy, it is just not used like it was in the early days of the interwebs
  11. @Dimitris Actually you can add TXT records using the SPF Records option in Vista Panel. That is how I add all my txt records for all kinds of things other than mail txt records. as long as it is a txt record you can use this option. @Lebyy MOFH doesn't support domain email due to spam but they allow you to host your email else where and add mx records to make it work. The activation email comes from MOFH mail account and there is no way to change that. Best option is to inform your customers on the signup page to whitelist the from email address so it doesn't go to spam. I would also info
  12. So the way the Custom NS's work is MOFH sets them up for oyu in advance but you have to go and register the glue records at your registrar. You will need the NS IP addresses given to you in your welcome email. If you no longer have that email you will need to open a support ticket at ifastnet.com/support and they will give them to you. Alternatively you can you your primary cpanel account to open a support ticket as well and then escalate it in your Reseller Panel. If you chose this option make sure you mention that your a reseller and include your domain name. Support is really good about hel
  13. Actually, securesignup.net links no longer work. MOFH Support Team advised me to changed all my register callback urls from securesignup.net to ifastnet.com. This is located in the signup.php file in htdocs. Hope this helps you all so the correct link would be //ifastnet.com/register2.php no http or https needed. the system auto detects and makes the connection secure as ifastnet forces their registration script to render in SSL
  14. I know there are alot of servers. But, information is important to resellers when it comes to diagnosing issues with our clients. I also wrote a custom script to auto run with cron checking the availability of the sqlite DB Server since TCP packets are blocked on the db server. And it works like a charm
  15. iFastnet process all the major credit card networks including paypal. I have been using MOFH along time and if you need any guidance, feel free to reach out. As far as apps go, do oyu mean an app for your hosting site? or do you mean website templates? Welcome to the network!! Let me know if I can help in any way
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