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  1. Has MOFH been sending weird status changes like "Sql###"? It's messing up with my system and causing issues. Has anybody that has their own system and it's working with MOFH API got similar problems?
  2. That's just not a solution. They give the option to access cPanel on both https and http so they should cater to both parties.
  3. It just doesn't load and stays blank.
  4. Hello, as the title says the SEO tools aren't loading when the cPanel is accessed via HTTPS. I'd guess it has to do with how the iframe is loaded. The frame tries to load an insecure page (that is, one using http) into a secured one so it gets blocked.
  5. Thanks, Admin. It's nice to know that features are being considered. I'll keep an eye on that and will bump this topic if the issue still exists by then.
  6. Hello, just a little feature request that I think was probably missed by devs when implementing the ad code. Currently, whenever someone with a suspended account tries to enter the cPanel, they will be redirected to the page " /panel/index_cp_sus.php", which is basically the cPanel index page but with a lot less features. I have noticed that the custom cPanel ad code MoFH lets us add is not included on this page, so it would be cool if they could include it, so as to not miss potential ad revenue but also to have consistency all across the board. Thanks a lot :).
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