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  1. They did not help me, either they were not qualified, or I am not explaining correctly.
  2. Sorry, I have uploaded the wrong screenshot. But this error does not disappear anyway. No, I wrote this data: Domain name: khost.gq Username Prefix: tstqq
  3. Hello! How do I add a second reseller domain to my MOFH chost.ga account. I need clients on cpanel.chost.ga to be able to register a subdomain in the khost.gq zone if chost.ga is already taken. But, adding this domain does not work and gives such an error. In doing so, I entered this data: Domain name: khost.gq Username Prefix: tstqq
  4. Hello! I have a website for an MOFH reseller. In order for it to appear in the Google search engine, you need to add a sitemap. I created a new sitemap.xml file, but when I add it an "Unknown sitemap file" error occurs. I heard about some kind of? I = 1, maybe he adjusts it?
  5. In support.ifastnet.com they answered me the same. But so far haven't enabled https.
  6. Hello! How did you customize the VistaPanel of your canel.thfhost.tk website?

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