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  1. AFAIK, this can be solved by using MOFH API Callbacks. But I can't find any documentation regarding it except the following post: So have a look if you can implement this in MOFHY!!
  2. You can use this: https://github.com/ndeet/unzipper Hope this helps.
  3. You can use https://ifastnet.com/image.php?id= Hope this helps!
  4. Hi @starline You should raise a support ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com Probably they would be able to help you.
  5. The error is because you're trying to send data from a secure page (https) to an unsecure page (http). This could be fixed by two ways: You should not use https on your registration page - that is your registration page should be "http://freehostingplatform.ml/signup.php" and not "https://freehostingplatform.ml/signup.php" Or alternatively you can submit the form to "https://ifastnet.com/register.php" instead of submitting it to "http://order.freehostingplatform.ml/register2.php" Hope this helps 👍👍
  6. Hi there, As @hostronavt said, the anti-bot protection prevent HTTP verification but Cname method still works. Check: https://primekoder.epizy.com I got SSL for my subdomain.
  7. Hi there, I think this post may be helpful to you:
  8. Ah! okay. I'll explain. When we register an account with byethost or any other reseller, the registered domain is just a subdomain (say primekoder.byethost31.com) But when we register with some reseller who is using MOFH API, then the registered domain is treated as an addon domain so there I can add Cname records, etc. See below pic: Here I can add cname records or modify SSL or whatever I can do with a TLD added as addon/parked domain. But with a byethost account I may not be able to do that.
  9. But the domains added through the API are also treated as Addon Domains. So you can also try MOFH resellers that using API for hosting accounts like that of infinityfree.net or profreehost or some others.
  10. Hi there, I sent an email to info@freessl.space regarding resellers API but didn't got any response from there. Or why don't you upload the library to https://github.com/hostronavt/freesslspace-api Thanks
  11. Your signup form isn't working as expected. As the order.whyfreehosting.com/register2.php lacks a secure connection (https). You should replace it with https://securesignup.net/register.php or you can also use https://ifastnet.com/register.php
  12. Thats great! Great service @hostronavt But what about the HTTP Method. Does it works?
  13. Can it be used by clients having just a subdomain and no parked/addon domain in their account as there is no option of having CNAME records for subdomains??
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