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  1. I must say MOFH has very limited access to customise the website or make it whitelevel
  2. I already checked that page last month but that doesn't seem professional at all, InifinityHost does really great job in terms of customizations
  3. Hi, With the default signup form all registrations coming under my primary domain name but we would like to give my customers to choose available subdomains for them and allow them to choose their own domain name as well.
  4. Can anyone tell me how to offer my clients to choose sub-domains before creating hosting account As I have multiple domain name added in my panel... like below image.images
  5. i want to add a input field that user choose subdomain when they fill signup form how to do that??????
  6. I just want to create Signup form/Panel like InfinityFreee is there any guide to do that? I know @Hans good in coding things but if someone can help we would like to have the similar website too...
  7. https://whyfreehosting.com/register.php check out this link...
  8. I have a form with https but my security images not showings why???
  9. Actually yes there was an update by Google in August lots of websites got affected, even two of our blogs lost 50% traffic within a month
  10. So what you suggest if we want our main site to be hosted on other network or you can say Digital Ocean VPS
  11. Hey! We have created custom nameservers using CloudFlare DNS as there was no Zone Editor in VestaPanel, now am not able to use those nameservers for other domains its not resolving the correct nameservers. We pinged all Byet ns records to get the IPs behind it Created own nameservers using A records Parked main site using A record for @ and www
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