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  1. Don't use cloudflare as it interferes with mofh
  2. Please speak in English
  3. there are docs for api . other than that there are no docs . api.myownfreehost.net
  4. And in the paid plan they have smtp . And I have many subscription already so I don't want to buy this .
  5. You can only add spf , mx and cname records .
  6. they said : Hi there, php mail() sendmail is enabled but limited on free hosting and it allows the sending of Forum activation links and similar type of mails, any emails which are not registration activation emails or similar may not be delivered by PHPsendmail. why don't they enable email on mofh resellers ? I have to use improvmx for mail. and you don't even get smtp with improvmx .
  7. Is there any way that we can change noreply@hostmessage.info to a custom email or use our own smtp server to send the user activation email because noreply@hostmessage.info dosent encrypt the emails and it always ends in spam . Thanks !
  8. If you want to use cloudflare try enabling it from the vpanel
  9. You can youse improve mx it works with byethost .
  10. you can create your own sign up page with html & css and php and in the form add <form method=post action="http://order.<?php echo $yourdomain?>/register2.php"> and for captcha use this link https://ifastnet.com/image.php (because https is enabled on this domain and also because order.yourdomain.tld [whatever your domain is] does not have a ssl certificate ) example <td style="text-align: left;" colspan="21"> <font size="-1"><span style="font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;">
  11. the login , header and footer files are a mess what should I do ? . any html code I add it breaks the whole css . (btw I am using tailwind css ). i customised my home page but i cannot find a way to customise other pages without a mess. (my website : unlimitedfreehosting.cf)
  12. I am using EINET ANAKE cms but there is no option to customise the home page can anyone help me please i am stuck with the default page . (Btw my website is unlimitedfreehosting.cf)
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