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  1. I tried developing it but i always get 500 internal server error (i am a beginner). Can you please send me the incomplete one (profile section) so that edit it my own way... I thought i don't need the section but it is needed for suspend/unsuspend etc IG. Or just tell me a way to suspend/unsuspend any hosting.
  2. @einet I have Einet Anake v5.2.0 when I open mysite.tld/perfil/username , I get 404 not found... Can you please tell me how to fix it. Or maybe give new download link for the script. Edit: I've fixed the problem by myself.
  3. Installation wizard only connects to db and makes admin profile. If it were so simple, there wouldn't be a video tutorial for the installation.
  4. I'm not using that version. I actually downloaded einet anake when it was present on demo.x3host.ml but I didn't see the tutorial because I didn't know it will be deleted.
  5. I've already installed that much but to make it work I think we have to edit some files from the script that's why @einet had provided video tutorial on how to install the script but the video has now been deleted and if anyone knows how to make the script work, please help me.
  6. I also want some help regarding script. I tried but got no response. Can Someone Please tell me how to install the script.
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