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  1. First generate private.key and CSR through cPanel and use this data in ZeroSSL, with these blank fields it will give an error when installing, in addition, use the verification by cname, it is the only one that works My image editor is not opening, I had to try not to see my cpanel user and my url, since my website is still in production
  2. I'm creating a client area, however, I would like to know how to obtain the address of the sql server, that address that must be put to start the connection in mysql, ex: <?php # No Localhost $pdo = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost; dbname=hosting', 'root', ''); The address of the sql server is different from localhost, for some users it can be sql123.mysite.com.br and for others it can be sql321.mysite.com.br How can I get that address? Obs: I'm already using the InfinityFree code
  3. I am creating a hosting site, but I would like to be able to send the user to a personalized page after login ex: User clicks on the ssl icon in the client area and sends it to cpanel on the page to manage the ssl, without having to go through the home page of cpanel. I don't know if it is possible to do this, because I accessed sites like infinityfree.net and profreehost.com and it doesn't have this function.
  4. I know I should use this, but what I need I am not finding in the mofh client
  5. I just said I didn't understand his question, he asked how to register his website on google, so I understand he thinks that google's positioning has to register his site, I simply answered how positioning works, and since he speaks portuguese I answered in Portuguese, which is my native language
  6. Olá, não precisa falar inglês comigo, não entendi sua pergunta, você quiz dizer para ele aparecer no Google? Se sim lamento informar que você vai ter que esperar, o Google indexa seu site automaticamente conforme uma avaliação pelos robôs, se seu site tiver melhor SEO ele aparecerá mais alto nos resultados de pesquisa do Google. [ENGLISH] Hello, you don't need to speak English with me, I didn't understand your question, did you mean to have him appear on Google? If yes I am sorry to inform you that you will have to wait, Google automatically indexes your site according to a
  7. I am creating a hosting with myownfreehost, but I would like the client's mysql server to show in the client area I would like it to remain as the client area of infinityFree, where it shows your username, password, bank name structure and host. InfinityFree looks like this MySQL Details MySQL Username epiz_usuario MySQL Password ************ MySQL Hostname sql201.epizy.com (I would like to recover this data in my hosting) MySQL Port (optional) 3306 Database Name epiz_usuario_XXX (create this in the control panel)
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