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Found 11 results

  1. I am creating a hosting site, but I would like to be able to send the user to a personalized page after login ex: User clicks on the ssl icon in the client area and sends it to cpanel on the page to manage the ssl, without having to go through the home page of cpanel. I don't know if it is possible to do this, because I accessed sites like infinityfree.net and profreehost.com and it doesn't have this function.
  2. hello, when a client is signing up for an account, is order.mydomainname.com/register2.php supposed to be http or https because when its on https the cert is expired THEN THERE IS THIS ERROR ERROR #8938749304 Your browser does not appear to be sending refer information this is a requirement
  3. Hello again, MyOwnFreeHost Community, and happy new year to every MyOwnFreeHoster We at ZykeNetwork decided to develop a free and open source client area for MyOwnFreeHost, called Project Burger! It is developed by @ranakhas. Current Features are: Login / Register system Profile management system Reset Password ability Remember me option Deactivate Account ability Email Verification Account Verification Protection from Hackers (at least it's dev thinks so ) Many more are coming soon too! The project is still not ready, so any featur
  4. Alguem Sabe onde eu pego link para cliente fazer registro ? Procurei em todos link que recebi nao achei alguem me informa ?
  5. Hello MyOwnFreeHost Community! With @Aqib's help and support, I created a full repository that contains the files neccesary to use new, official cPanel themes and custom ones for VistaPanel. It is located at GitHub. Installation instructions are also there, alongside with how to implement it. Any suggestion or help, especially if someone has a custom cPanel theme and wants to upload it, is more than welcome! Please rate this topic if you appreciate this project. Thank you. Happy Customizing! Current Themes: Light cPanel Theme Dark cPanel Theme Christ
  6. is Open Source Social Network supported on free hosting ?
  7. How can I add Adsense to my Client's Cpanel? Or any Adverts possible. Newbie here, Thanks!
  8. What is this tag found in MOFH templates: <div class="div">? And what does it do? Searched on Google and found nothing, sorry but I am not very experienced with these stuff.
  9. It would be nice if for the plans I could change the Daily Hits. This would be great, I would like to lower some plans and raise others. There should be a max of 80000-100000 Daily hits though so that it is still a limited free account, but this would be great!! Thanks, help support this idea in the poll. Thanks for listening.
  10. Please help. Iam decided to make another free hosting plan and im putting the code into singup form but not working
  11. I am both using the free service and a reseller and I and notice and been told that file manager is not working. It was been hours now and no fix. I already contacted support over 7 hours ago and all I got and that they were on it. What caused this error and when will it be fixed?
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