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  1. This guide is helpful for free users, My problem are: 1. No SSL (https green lock) 2. To use SSL green lock, I have to enable my cloudflare - Which disables my site email because MX record and other domain settings such as SPF and CName when CF is active. (Your site email will can send but can't receive email because of Cloudflare if you are a free reseller). Which means I have to choose between Cloudflares SSL or Email (Because only one will work in free plan). But with freessl.space got both SSL and Email working together (without having to use Cloudflare that disab
  2. Good day! It's working, I'm on green padlock now with email still working. The guide with freessl.space is less complicated. Thank you @hostronavt for making the guide and thank you @WeHostYou360 for sharing the link to the guide and also thanks to you @Aqib for sharing some advise. I really appreciate it guys
  3. Oh wow! This gave me hope! I will check both
  4. I think I have to wait for a while, I made changes in my DNS Zone serveral times and my domain is now pointing to different ip addresses https://ibb.co/rQTCHBV I'll wait until the dns servers across the globe show the same results, then I'll try
  5. I can't see the guide? where is it? I'll try to add it to cloudflare manually instead of just ticking enable cloudflare in CPanel
  6. Thanks for informing me sir I'm just worried that my account might get deleted for experimenting with DNS thing Oh,, that's not good, I'm a newcomer in free mofh and still experimenting with it. I think I have consider between Cloudflares free SSL vs email functionality (which seems not to work when CF is enabled).
  7. What if don't point my domain name to byet's name servers eg. ns1.byet.org - ns4.byet.org, but point it to somewhere else. For example to external DNS Zone or to Cloudflare that will be pointed to byet, is that ok? I mean, won't byet drop, erase, or suspend my account for not having my domain name not pointed to their nameservers? (Because byet might detect that my domain is not pointed to byet's nameservers and think that my reseller website is abandoned and get deleted). ---------------- I like to experiment, but I broke things first.
  8. I have the same problem, I've notice that it changed after a few minutes and I was puzzled. I understand now, thanks!
  9. Good day everyone! I have contacted the support tech, they have now corrected the problem. Thank you all for trying to help me, all efforts are appreciated. I'm so excited to get started! Cheers!
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