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  1. OK, thank you That seems to work. Looks like I'm up an running
  2. Well, everything has been switched over to me, but now I have a new issue. There doesn't seem to be any way to administer clients, adjust ads etc. It looks more like a regular free hosting account prefilled with a signup form. Is this normal or am I missing something here....
  3. Well, we discovered the issue. Apparently the domain hostang.ga was previously own by someone else who had also signed up with MOFH. Therefore once the name propagated, the previous site reappeared (apparently also having script issues causing it to get suspended...lol). I'm currently in the process of getting things changed over to me. Wish me luck....
  4. I entered the correct email as far as I know (the same email I used for this forum - a gmail.com address with no + symbol) I can't open a support ticket as you need credentials to log into ifastnet.com and I do have a different account with them for a site on byet (using the same email so can't just reset password) So you can see how I'm a bit stuck.... Update: I just tried submitting a support ticket via my other site. Hopefully something will come of it. (worth a try anyways )
  5. I started with changing the nameservers for the domain, waited a bit more than an hour, then tried the form. I received the basic "nameservers are not set to" error message (no big deal there as it often takes time to propagate). I tried the form a bit later and got the error "domain is already part of the free service" (or something similar to that). I checked the domain (hostang.ga) and sure enough the myownfreehost.net template was active. Unfortunately, I never received any email (and still haven't... and not in spam folder) so have no credentials to log in. My bes
  6. Here is an interesting problem... I got a new domain name "hostang.ga" then tried to sign up at myownfreehost.net. The form errored a few times but to my surprise, the site seemed to get set up. Now here is the problem. I didn't receive any email with any login details (not in spam folder either) I also can't contact anyone as the contact form wants you to sign in and I have no sign in info. The signup form didn't get to the point of asking for a username, so I would assume I don't have one. Any ideas as to what to do next???
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