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  1. check infinityfree or any other resellers to get inspired
  2. Thanks everyone. I fixed the issues as you guys mentioned. really thanks
  3. I know mofh dosent support cloudflare but as infinityfree do, I want to do that. I want to host my main website in another hosting. and I want to link the domain with both mofh and my main website,client area, forums website how can I do that?
  4. I am having 2 problems 1st one is this text This hosting account is pending activation and will be activated soon... and 2nd one is this I know I have to go client.xynohost.com/index.php/a/dashboard but I want it to be accesable from client.xynohost.com/a/dashboard because when I click any button it redirects me without the index.php text. so I want to make it work without index.php thing with my url
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