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  1. After four signup requests and some backwards and forwards conversations on a support ticket, I'm delighted to say that I've got MOFH account! Thank-you to the support staff! My apologies if this question has been answered else where? I've done a bit of digging myself in an attempt to find the answer, but so far I've had no luck. What I am hoping to do, I'll attempt to explain.. I've got a number of different website clients (UK and Ireland) all hosted in the same place. If I need to make any amendments I can login to my current webhost, and then I can access each of my clients CPane
  2. Is it even possible for us 'free' users to install PHP-PEAR? If so, could somebody please guide me through this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sometimes I've had that error myself, I've found that it's actually my own redirects causing this, located in .htaccess file
  4. Sound like you've closed or not closed a tag correctly, as BurkeKnight has already asked, more info required pls
  5. I'm no oracle, I'm only new here myself however I may be able to assist? Take this with a pinch of salt as I may be completely wrong! Your referral link will be something like this i'm guessing? SOMEURL=referrallink The template that I presume your referring to, is that made up of HTML? or am I over thinking this! Or are your referring to site builder templates? Please advise.
  6. SpongeB0B


    Just a quick hello! A little about me.. I've a terrible memory and it's often sarcastically referred to like a sponge, hence my username. Living here in Bikini bottom (I wish! Ireland is the actual reality thou) My apologies in advance if I ask stupid questions! Thanks for having me.
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