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  1. and this despite the fact that every day I receive warnings from Google that the template does not meet the requirements of the GUGLA
  2. and wrote to the support service update the templates THEY SAID GO FROM HERE DO NOT HINDER BOY I need to throw off the correspondence
  3. I like being a reseller I'm already competing with a top-rated free hosting site I can't make templates, but it's a shame to get into the top with those that are 000 host 6 43 17,7 web 000 host 5 9 24 000 hosting 4 7 7,9 000 webhosting
  4. templates you know how to make ORACLE and then these guys all once the last templates date back to 2015 and in the yard after all 21 came ??? https://myownfreehost.net/templates.php
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