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  1. @MS-DOS@Pro Hostinga, I have set up Logged for Logging In, but how do I set it up with the sign up option? I have tried it already and it gave me this error: Posting Error, (my # and web details), Please contact support There isn't really any documentation on how to set up the sign up option or is it already set up?
  2. I've set up Logged but I'm also wanting a client area like InfinityFree, that I can manage accounts with.
  3. I would like it to have a login and signup page that can be easily customised with my logo and most if not all features that InfinityFree has. I have discovered a project called uiisc/simple-site but it's very complicated...
  4. No, not good with advanced coding like that, editing a prebuilt package is much easier! Any suggestions? I’m looking for one that is similar to what InfinityFree have, but I think they only offer an api.
  5. Any ideas for an uptodate prebuilt client area (php?)
  6. Won't let me sign up to support, I get told to fill out the captcha, but there isn't a captcha.
  7. I’m also looking to get an SSL certificate on my cPanel.
  8. How would I access the four advertising areas? Is this via the MOFH panel?
  9. How do I edit the index.php file for the cpanel and any other settings like the custom nameservers on the error screen and SSL/TLS on cPanel?
  10. How long does it take for me to get my password emailed? I’ve been waiting for 24hours, like it said.
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