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  1. Salut à toutes et à tous ! Après un bon moment (Environ 6 mois de boulot), je vous présente : Luluhost !!! Mon hébergement revendeur mofh. Je tien a remercier tous particulièrement @SpookyKipper pour sont aide très précieuse et de qualité ✨ !!! Je remercie aussi vivement @Anyx pour ses réponses toujours très claire, argumenté et super utile... En plus, @Anyx a toujours bien comprit le sens de mes questions 😄. Je dit aussi merci a : @TinkerMan, @PlanetCloud, @BastelPichi, @MeTooIDK et tous les autres membres de se forum qui m'ont aidé... Voila, je soumet donc mon service de revendeur à vos avis et conseil... > Luluhost Note 1 : Le style est particulier, mais cela est volontaire... Note 2 : Cette hébergement revendeur gratuit n'est pas destiné à un large publique, juste a un cercle très restreint de personnes que je connais... Donc pas d'inquiétude pour la concurrence 😉 ! Et dans cette même optique, le lien vers le site sera retirer, pour ne pas avoir d'utilisateur non désirer... Voila, J'attends vos retours et vos commentaires pour peaufinée mon service !!! Merci ---trad google--- Hi to all of you ! After a good time (About 6 months of work), I present to you: Luluhost!!! My mofh reseller hosting. I would like to particularly thank @SpookyKipper for their very valuable and quality help ✨ !!! I also warmly thank @Anyx for his always very clear, reasoned and super useful answers... In addition, @Anyx always understood the meaning of my questions 😄. I also say thank you to: @TinkerMan, @PlanetCloud, @BastelPichi, @MeTooIDK and all the other members of this forum who helped me... There you go, I therefore submit my reseller service to your opinions and advice... > Luluhost Note 1 : The style is particular, but this is voluntary... Note 2 : This free reseller hosting is not intended for a wide audience, just for a very restricted circle of people that I know... So no worries about the competition 😉! And with this in mind, the link to the site will be removed, so as not to have unwanted users... There you go, I'm waiting for your feedback and comments to refine my service!!! THANKS
  2. I need help eh much lost with this hard reset in my account. I have nothing. I need a backup of sti.servitecposadas.com B13_16850810 I have been using, recommending and developing web development for more than 3 years and have put confidence in the brand. Unable to login to FTP server with username b13_16850810. Are you sure your username and password are correct? Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help. I request support, I need the copy of my data. Tiket Support result: Error !!! Please enter your last invoice number from securesignup.net in the 'Invoice No' box, if you do not have a premium account please enter 'NA' in this field. I need the data of my account which has been open for a long time Now I have nothing, there is no longer all the work that has taken me many months to complete
  3. I need my Web hosting service reviewed. The link to it is. My hosting service. Post your review in the comments below. IT ALSO HAS NO ADS!
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