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Guest Cammygirl192
MyOwnFreeHost is a good service, indeed. The sign up is very easy and it accepts any domains, even free domains, which is a bonus for people who maybe want to make a small service for hosting friends' and associates' websites. It also doesn't require much knowledge, although I would prefer you to be able to pick a password on registration instead of being emailed a password. The ACP is easy to use albeit limited. There are a few customisations possible such as advertisement code, login, plan types etc. but not enough in my opinion. For example, you can't custom-style the control panel, have too much flexibility with plans, or add custom sections/etc. and that is where it falls short. UCP is good too, it looks a lot and works a lot like cPanel, even though it isn't. Several typos exist and oddities such as 'Account Settings' actually being more about the hosting account details, the support desk system being in the wrong font, and there's no way to remember login like most websites. Servers seem stable and very fast, I could actually compare it to something like OVH's shared hosting plan (which I have of) and it's really that good... uptime very good! The templates are similar. Most of those templates don't look good, or have bugs in them. I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to change the text on them, but I did so anyway, because some of it seemed poorly written to me and there were a few inconsistencies within it. Another inconsistency is that the PHP version is labelled as 5.4.25, but is actually 5.4.41 according to a quick use of phpinfo (which is broken in the control panel, just to say). I would rate 8/10 just needs some bug fixes and other things. At least it works unlike YouHosting.com, which had a better community but far worse service. Cammy W.
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