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  1. we expect to have a planned maintenance window on July 12th starting 19:00 UTC.  The window size is expected to be around 2 hours while we do initial route changes required and bring up our secondary store, once this is completed we will  post here maintenance schedules per volume that are required.

  2. Hi All, 

    Starting on July 8th maintenance of free hosting will begin. 

    The maintenance is required to change out webservers / the aging SAN.

    This is not a trivial set of maintenance and will cause some downtime. 

    More information will be posted here as we get closer to the time. 


  3. We're about to fill the gap of non supported languages adding over 80 new languages to the vpanel.

    The translations will initially be done using machine translation hence will we rough,,, however once live we will openly accept help in getting them translations improved.  More details will be released once the languages are live. 

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