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  1. Dear All,

    Planned maintenance is In affect immediately and due to end around December

    Work being completed

    Web servers, and storage system backend are being replaced. 

    The following services will be impacted 

    Free hosting website access {during the process sometime old versions of a site may be displayed, dont panic this will update to the current version once the process has completed}

    Reseller Homepage Access

    FTP Access 

    Email Access


  2. Hello and welcome to the new and improved Byet / iFastNet Forums.

    We have switched to a better software, which has made it where features are a bit different, but much better in many ways.

    All members and posts have been transfered over, but members will not be able to edit or see old posts under their activity.

    Please note this is not a tech support forum. If you have a issue with your hosting that requires staff assistance, please kindly send us a support ticket or check our knowledge base.


    Thank you and best regards.

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