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  1. 2 minutes ago, mike said:

    ¿El "¿Necesita ventana de ayuda" se repite cuatro veces, o es sólo una cosa de la imagen que ha publicado?

    Not only is the image as using an extension to take the image double the popup window when taking the picture the subject is okay: P

  2. Hi, how I promised this topic to the community of byethost here I leave this topic so that they can customize the cpanel of their hosting resellers is the version of cpanel 62.0.8 I hope you enjoy it and if you have doubts or problems do not hesitate to ask to help them In the compressed file includes a txt of how to install it with instructions and greetings pictures and enjoy it

    Some captures of the theme:




    New update 20-02-2017:

    Support for multiple device and device screens has been corrected and the problem with the close session button has been corrected


    Link to download the update 20-02-2017:

    Skin - cPanel(UPDATE 20-02-2017).rar

  3. Hello again I will explain how to install it in the users' cpanel but notice a problem I do not know if it is my account but good probe in the first domain that I add and I worked well here I attached an image of how to add it from the administrator panel in its resellers:



    You will be asked why not add it as explained by the friend @k-lil just add the style

    <link href = "https://labdz.github.io/UIpanel/css/panel.css" rel = "stylesheet" id = " BanSheet "/>

    since I tried to add it with the javascript as you explained but not that it takes in about to mount the style this happens because all the files in javascript that have the webs load once it has loaded the <head> of the web this It takes time to apply our theme then we must add it directly as shown in the image so that when loading is not persever by the human eye with javascript has a delay of 20seconds the direct style only takes 1 second or do not realize the Change soon I will publish the ending this so that they can integrate it in their webs that they like and to call more clients with cpanel ;) lol


    Once again @k-lil, thank you for sharing your topic with us.



    Sin título.png

  4. Thank you for sharing :) I am working on another template when I finish sharing it with you I know that many would like it: P and many thanks for sharing my friend the work is valued looks excellent :3 


    I leave an image of what I take eye I still miss I go in a 50% done when just the share


  5. With the cpanel there is no problem because any user can enter your account from any of the panels:
    For example you created an account in domain one and you want to enter from the cpanel.dominiodos.com only enter the user and the key and you can enter normally as if it were the first all the accounts of byethost eh ifasnet use the same panel alone that each One is assigned a subdomain cpanel.example.com but they always take you to the same place ;)


    And with respect to relax english xD I use google translator since I speak Spanish haha

  6. 21 hours ago, mygp said:



    Excuse my English a bit weak in writing
    I entered this page I had written this forum Support
    Forum link is wrong?

    If this forum belongs to ifasnet and byethost but the boys of aca collaborate with common problems since when they are things of resellers and baneo of accounts you must go to the area of support since the users of here we are only collaborators and none we have access to the panels of Server administration https://support.ifastnet.com/

  7. On 20/10/2016 at 11:04 PM, peaceandlove said:

    Ayer he creado un sitio web  http://splashbug.byethost7.com  y cargan los datos y comprobar página web está muy bien.

    pero hoy en día, cuando me conecto no hay sitio web?

    Me he registrado en cpanel y no hay donde puedo ver administrador de archivos o cualquier otra cosa, everythign desaparecido. ¿por qué?

    Su servicio cuenta gratuita i creó cuenta en

    Your account may have been suspended for violating one of the rules of the server remember that some types of content are not allowed on these servers if it has been suspended go to https://support.ifastnet.com and create a ticket with the problem presented If everything is in order reactivate your account sometimes the security filters are activated and suspend the webs address to them so they reactivate their account so you will not lose your files :)

  8. What problems you have with your reseller account you can write directly to https://support.ifastnet.com the problem that I present in English so that it can be attended I have a reseller server activated and working normally so far I do not quite understand your message because I had to translate it but if you have problems you can go to ifastnet support since the forum does not answer requests for support only helps users from users

    On 30/1/2017 at 5:02 PM, mygp said:


    >:(دوستا ä عزیز بنده به عنوان مشارکت ã, نمایندگی فروش هاست ثبت نام کرده ام ولی از ظهر این انجمن سر م , اورده ام که هیچ گونه ربطی به هاست و ارائه هاست یاب ندارد نسخه ایا بنده اشتباه متوجه شده ام که شما تبلیغ دروغ کرده اید یا اینکه واقعا حقیقت دارد




  9. Hello I have the same problem with several clients apparently some of the servers that are producing this failure does not load the web and can not access the file manager nor via ftp. I wrote a ticket to support and said that we have patience that are already working on this problem and have performed an emergency maintenance to solve the problem. We must have patience that will soon be solved

  10. 24 minutes ago, URCB said:

    panel.byethost.com seems to be currently experiencing issues. Login attempts with correct username and password redirect to a "You are not logged in...1x [ Go To Login1 ]" page.

    My site is in working and I can login with FTP, so this is not a suspended account issue either.

    If friend apparently is some type of update or maintenance, since neither the panel of resellers is not working together with the users' vpanel for their accounts I hope it is so since I present the same problem that you will expect to have said support greetings and Quiet that is not suspension or baneo I thought that I was the only one but it is not so :P

  11. Hello somebody could help me to not open a ticket in support know that before I had only one domain added to my account of reseller and could make changes of plans hosting improved to the users now a couple of days adds another domain to the same reseller account se I create another account for more users from there I tried to change some of their plans and it does not work I make the change and it just does not happen. Anyone has any idea what I could do or what I did wrong?

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