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  1. Dear Admin, How can I reset my reseller panel password? I am a reseller from myownfreehost. But I have forgotten my password. My free has also been expired so I need to reset my password as soon as possible. Please give me a link to reset my password.
  2. Hi Admin,I am a re-seller from my-own-free-web-hosting. and I am facing to sell your hosting to my customer. Because my customer want to try demo of your web hosting system. They complain to me that they facing a problem with your web hosting service. They create web-mail from their cpanel setting and they try to receive email from their client but they didn't receiving any email in their roundcube mail system. They also setting mx record correctly but they didn't receive any mail in their inbox. Why it is happening they asked me. I told them we will fix the problem in two days. They told me t
  3. Dear Admin, Recently my alifit.gq account admin panel was suspended. I can't enter into my admin panel. So I've created a new account domain name alifit.cf. I like to say that my customers are requesting me to update my free host cpanel as soon as possible. But I can't upgrade it because I don't know how to update me clients cpanel. I already told them to buy the premium hosting. They said that they can't buy it. Until they seeing the demo of new cpanel feature and they wanted to test it in their own host and domain name. So I'm requesting you to update the cpanel as soon as possible. No
  4. please suspend that account now. I've created new account. So I didn't need that. So suspend it as soon as possible.
  5. Dear Admin, I can't access my own free host reseller panel. Please fix it as soon as possible. Please my customers facing many problem for this. Yours ever, Alifit.gq
  6. Dear Admin, Hello I am a reseller from myownfreehost.com. Some customers requesting me to make outside directory rewriteable because they want to make social site for testing or bussiness e commerce. They want try first the feature from my service. Then they will buy my service. So I'm requesting you to give the permission as soon as possible please. Your Best Reseller. alifit.gq
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