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  1. Thanks. I did contact to staff and they asked me to upgrade to premium account. However, they can't promise they will recover the error on backend. I do know I have to reinstall the wordpress , but this may lead to all my 2-years contents lost.
  2. Hi all, here is my backend link: http://www.cynthia.byethost6.com/wp-admin/cynthia680808 and I found I couldnt log in after I upgrade wordpress to 5.6 Chinese version and here I attached the screenshot of erro page. there doesn't show anything to show any error php file, just show I have a critical problem on website? I don't know how to fix it. I could see my frontend is still working : cynthia.byethost6.com however if i can't log in the backend , it's impossible for me to update my articles and photos on this website... Is there any professionalist to let me kno
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