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  1. Optimize your text to be SEO friendly, read new (!) info on the subject on some trusted sources, like MOZ, Search Engine Land, Yoast etc. Even Reddit may answer on some of your questions. And be careful, and don't follow under web filters.
  2. I'd say that better to use both of them. Valid blog content will make your visitors more engaged, but if we are talking about only traffic, than I agree with Mike - the more the better rule is for you. But remember, it shouldn't meanless comments. You definitely should know what you're talking about.
  3. Looking for do-follow forums? Use google operators to start with and read some MOZ article, foe ex., on how to find sites for your SEO purposes
  4. Hi, guys. I'm Ed and I a newbie to web development. Learning HTML and CSS coding and Java for fun. Thanks
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