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  1. I think you can use the Phpmyadmin IMPORT function.
  2. Yes.However you can use online extract tools,like webmover. Here is one for your convenience. I am not liable for any damages caused by the attachment below. webmover.php
  3. I asked support,as you can see the 1st picture.,MX record in my hosting provider is not working Support tell me to use mx.byethost.com. BTW I mean the quota of webmail(roundcubemail) in free hosting.
  4. I received an 1kb email(for test use),and it use 3% quota. and it seems if you want to receive emails,set your mx record to mx.byet.org NOT your hosting provider's mx record.
  5. Yappy! I did it and made a backup of my forum... actually u may visit mazelong.gdk.mx (the forum is in chinese) and i used 400+mb with 6% inodes.
  6. Thanks.Actually i saw this from myownfreehost,which (may)says over 10gb account is seemed as using server resources too much.
  7. I am sure they will NOT tell you.
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