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  1. Something strange happens to me, when I create a subdomain when I press the accept key I get "12311231", what does it mean?
  2. I have a problem, I have created a new subdomain and correctly a "domain" I have created as a parked domain, but when from any browser I access this domain at the top, in the drawer where I put the name of this domain it looks like " suspended-website.com/k/ ". Why does this happen? I just created it
  3. Gracias, e indique a "einet" que estoy a su disposicion y de cualquiera que necesite ayuda
  4. Disculpen mi ingles, utilizo un traductor online, gracias a todos por la ayuda y si puedo ayudar a alguien estoy dispuesto. Gracias
  5. "360" If everything works perfectly. Tell you which accounts in byet, I have never been able to use SSL with Let's Encript. "einet" go to your cloudflare account to the SSL / TSL option and check the "Flexible" option, go to Cahe and delete it from your cloudflare account, and do the same in your browser, delete the cache. A problem that arose from a website that came from another site, I had the .htacces file installed, here you have to eliminate, if you have it, the redirection from "http" to "https" and all solved. Excuse me my English, I use an online translator, anyway if you
  6. With SSL / TLS in "flexible", Ok Thanks
  7. This morning I saw that in all my websites appeared a page that indicated this error. Someone can tell me something?
  8. Working perfectly, I hope you endure. Thank you very much everyone and excuse my bad communication with you for the language. Thank you very much
  9. The problem is not that I calm down, it is that I have no idea of English and I use a translator. As I indicated, I registered a new account, and the notification mail has not yet arrived; it's more like it took me so long to get to the reseller panel I tried to locate that new account and it did not appear, but I did a search and if it was but it was disabled; I noticed that there was a link to activate it and that I did, click on that link and it worked; but at no time did I get the email, or the spam folder or anything. And that's what happened to me, I just wish that someone has not regi
  10. First of all thank you very much for your answers, thank you for wanting to offer me help, thanks. If the web now works; but how did I make it work? After waiting for hours and observing that it did not work from the Reseller panel and in the menu of the accounts, look for an account through the email that had been placed; This account appeared, and next to it a button that indicated that it was deactivated; click on it and after a few minutes it appeared in the list as one more account. But the problem is that I still do not receive the activation message and I do not know if it has happened
  11. Something wrong is working. my reseller account is http://www.aloja2.ga, and I have registered a new gutter, thebeatlesmania.aloja2.ga, and the mail that should have arrived to the account I registered with has not arrived; I have been able to activate the account from "MyOwnFreeHost.net", as a reseller, I have uploaded the pages by FTP account and by the CPanel of the account, but nothing appears in the browser. What happens ?, why I do not get the mail and why the account is not activated correctly. Thank you and sorry
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