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  1. Apache should be able to execute it as an added service or behind a reverse-proxy, like with a Wt app (if you know what I'm about talking about here). Will a compiled server-side application not work at all on here? I can compile the app to a Linux executable, so it doesn't have to be a .exe.
  2. Well, the compiled C++ application is a web server with some added code to make a request to a currency API and to convert currencies, so it should be fine here unless .exe files aren't allowed (though I can try to get a Linux executable in that case).
  3. Yes, pretty much. I added SSL support because I plan to use Let's Encrypt to get a certificate once I have a domain and some space to host the app and its files on. I wanted to know if I can do that here on the free plan. Note: I have a compiled backend app that also acts as both a web server and a client. So I need a web host that would run that script as an executable (I'll have to recompile it for Linux if this place doesn't support Windows executables, though).
  4. So I can't host an app with its own web server here on the free plan?
  5. I have a web application with its web server (it's written in C++) and I'd like to host it here if possible. It has SSL support but the certificate isn't valid currently, so I'd also like a (preferably free) domain name that I can get a valid certificate for it on. It uses Boost.Beast, a C++ library based on Boost.Asio that supports HTTP/S and WebSockets, and also Jinja2Cpp (HTML Template library based on Python's Jinja2--work in progress, but intended to support all features that Jinja2 already supports as well) and Nlohmann JSON. On the JavaScript code, read the comments and then sk
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