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  1. WHM API is provided by infinityfree just learn coding and use
  2. I will check error log that einet provided thanks for suggesting
  3. Yes But when i create account it shows error 500 but domain checker working ok
  4. Yes but when i go to create a account then it shows error 500 but domain check works
  5. @einet when I upload Script "mofh complete" then it shows error 500 what to do
  6. I use smtp2go but in free account you limited to 1000 email per month
  7. When I try To create Account with example code it shows error Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'HansAdema\MofhClient\Client' not found in E:\Sajd\xammp\htdocs\host\index.php:10 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in E:\Sajd\xammp\htdocs\host\index.php on line 10
  8. Can Any Make mofh client for me or any have like infinityfree
  9. Check your code and check theres php 7.0 or 5.4 if 7.0 change all mysql commands to mysqli then check it works for me
  10. Please make this for every one for free So its too good
  11. Sorry For That Advertise I promise that I do not advertise anything on Server
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