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  1. I have created a site using React.js I now how to host it here by creating the build files thats not an issue. How ever I am running hidden variables on the site. I am testing it on vercel right now and I can add those hidden variables in on vercel. How would I add them here. Can I just upload the .env file? Or is there another way?
  2. Does anyone know how I can run a React App? I am not sure how to properly upload the files and such so that I can have the app.js load. I know on local I do npm start but how can I get it to load on the servers
  3. I figured it out. The forwarder is doing what I wanted it to do. I played around and got it.
  4. A catch all might work, yes. Can I have 1 for each different domain I have connected? It didn't look like I could.
  5. I am wondering how to create an email alias. For example I would like to create a webmaster@ alias. So if I email webmaster@ it is delivered to say the honeybee@ email address. But I can see that it was regarding webmaster@. 1 log in 2 emails so to speak. I don't want to use a auto responder as I don't necessarily want an email sent back to them I just want to have an alias. Is this possible with the premium hosting?
  6. I am positive It does seem to suddenly be working now. I didn't make any changes but it is now loading right
  7. I did that already. I even used a different browser. A different PC as well.
  8. I was working on my site yesterday (navyladyveteran.com) and for some reason when I finally got it to look right (or at least the part I was working on) locally and uploaded it to hosting it no longer looked right. The menu that is. So I tried uploading it as a new install to a new sub-domain I created last night (navyladyveteran.loveslife.biz) and everything looks as it should. One of my other sites that I work on (bubbahayden.com) did a similar thing. When I uploaded the base files with the new changes it didn't take effect. However that one is correct today. Granted that site is just t
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