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  1. Hello, I have a question about upgrading the plan. Now my site has hit the daily limit, but it will be like this for only a few weeks. If I upgrade my plan to be a premium one, after some months can I transfer my account back to a free hosting option as before? Thank you
  2. Thing was, the index file was working perfectly on my computer, both browser and html editor program, but it didn't show any text or pictures online. Only background color displayed. Anyway, creating a new file helped.
  3. Thank you all. The problem solved. I created completely new index.html file with other html editor. I guess, it was some wrong coding buried somewhere in the file I uploaded yesterday. (I edited the old file) And I uploaded with Filezilla, not the html editor itself.
  4. Need help. Just updated index file, but when uploaded, page doesn't show any content. Only background color is shown. What should I do to fix this? I tried uploading both with FTP and directly on cPanel, but didn't help. My home page is gone. T_T Can anyone help? Thank you
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