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  1. Thanks for your thoughts @InfinityFree. My suggestion of basic Access Logs was based on my experience that, in the case of my WordPress site certainly, traffic appears minimal (handful of people an hour), and yet I see these spikes where the site uses 100% of a resource limit (there's no WordPress updates going on at the time). My feeling is that, given free hosting only supports small traffic volumes, Access Logs can be used to see what changed in that period as there's so little overall traffic. Hopefully this would help identify spikes in traffic from a search engine bot, or a particular (p
  2. Recommendation: Re-enable Access and Error logs on free hosting Hi, I've now had enough days with iFastnet to realise that the Daily Entry Process failure is super sensitive and a mystery to all. I've kept an eye on it today... logging into Wordpress admin portal saw an obvious jump, maybe 25% of the daily limit from logging in and updating a few post tags. A few hours later however the graph jumped to the red line (using remaining 75% of todays allowance in one go, although CPU usage remains < 10% for the day). I get the impression that the graphs are updated every 15-30 min
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of any way to investigate CPU usage on the free hosting solution? I've just had my account suspended, and having raised a support ticket, they told me that the high usage was today. The graph is 24 hours behind so just shows I'm below the green line! Any idea on what the CPU limit actually is, and whether there is a way to get any information that could show what caused the most usage? Feel rather blind to track down what they saw to suspend my account. Jay
  4. Himani, From what I can see as a customer myself, it looks like the Byet CPanel system has a basic interface with CloudFlare that will try to create an account with your Byet login details. The issue is that it looks like your Byet username is already a username on the CloudFlare services. I too had an error setting up CloudFlare from the CPanel so did it directly myself....I assume you have your own domain name, I'm not sure if it will work with subdomains or not: Just goto cloudflare.com, signup, then on the home screen, click "add a site", and add your domain name. Choose the free
  5. Thanks everyone for your help on this... I implemented CloudFlare last night, and turned on SSL, but turned off caching, to remove previous issues I've had with CloudFlare. It's all looking good today! CloudFlare is using it's own certificate, which seems to be making all browsers I can test happy enough. On that basis, I'm not sure there's any point in getting a domain specific certificate at this time, I'll monitor and see if I find any weakness of letting CloudFlare worry about it for me (no renewal for me to worry about this way)! I'll raise a couple of enhance ideas on the relev
  6. Hi Jazz, Thanks for checking my site with your browser. It maybe worth checking CloudFlare's configuration (and Googling your issue, as CloudFlare is popular so your issue maybe too :)). It maybe your certificate has only been applied to your main domain and not the WWW sub-domain... just a guess, but there may an option for each in CloudFlare. Intermediate Certificates are just the ones "in the middle". Browsers have a set of high level trusted ones, and these are used to "sign" other certificates which may in-turn be used to sign ones below them again. For security and logisti
  7. Thanks PCTipsGR, I appreciate the welcome! I've found CloudFlare to really mess with site metrics in the past, due to it's own cache of the site, so was planning to avoid if I could. Certainly an option I'll consider again though, as visitors need to be able to get to the site ideally I attach a screenshot of the first site I migrated. It's fine in Chromium (the engine behind Chrome), but Firefox doesn't like it due to SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER ("Peer’s Certificate issuer is not recognized"). I won't post the mobile view, as you'll notice I'm a Linux man, and my mobile (running Lineag
  8. Hi, I signed up last night for the free hosting, and have migrated a couple of domains today. Just wanted to see if anyone has managed to successfully use SSL on the free hosting. I read up about the LetsEncrypt block after having issues with that, so tried Comodo's free offering instead. I've got the Comodo certificate installed which works on some browsers nicely, but am seeing issues with other browsers (including an outright refusal to visit on my phone) for security reasons. These are caused by the server only having the certificate and not intermediate ones (to link my cer
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