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  1. some user just a newbie to hosting they know nothing about the hosting service and don't know how to use it why send the marketing email one by one ask them buy a big one? why so fast? will you say "marry me" at the first time when you met a girl? yes you can say it one girl , but you say it to every girl ?
  2. http://order.resellerdomain.com/images.php under https:// can not get the image the SSL is 2017 can we update to 2021
  3. always ?i=1 ofter domain how to disable on reseller domain? anyone know that , thanks
  4. The numbers are already widely known like is very easy to remember for new users letters like sql888.resellerdomain.com unfriendly to user who don't use letters aften
  5. there is a bug i just notice when you want to diable user create new subdomain, you set the domain quotas to Zero , user can create Six subdomains in the cpanel
  6. any one know where to reset it ? give me a link ,thanks
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