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  1. I'm not sure if it's a redirect. Usually the redirects that I've encountered behave like BIT.LY redirects, where the BIT.LY url shows up in the address bar then changes to the url you're redirecting to. So i have one website (XYZ.com) and there's a page on that website (XYZ.com/podcast) that I would like my other domain (XYZPODCAST.com) to take over. If that's a redirect, then my question is will it be a redirect like BIT.LY?
  2. I exported and imported my site (locally) to my domain. A few pictures are not loading but the biggest problem is that elementor is stuck in loading. I've searched the elementor website, tried the troubleshoot for stuck loading, I deleted Wordpress from Softaculous and reinstalled and imported my site again, and it's still a problem. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Is it possible to connect a page from one of my sites to another domain? (Ex. xyz.com/podcast = xyzpodcast.com). The domain provider said since i changed from their server to this one, I would need to get in touch with help here.
  4. Hi, I was trying to find the previous topic about how to get rid of the ending "?i=1" of the domain, but I couldn't find it. Not sure if some topics got deleted, but I figured I go ahead and make another topic about this. Could someone please tell me how to get rid of that please? Example: "www.xyz.com/?i=1"
  5. Is it possible to create more add-on domains under one account? If so, how? If not, why does the dashboard appear to "allow" unlimited amounts of add-on domains? Much help would be appreciated.
  6. I have the free hosting account and i have several questions too. How can I install a free SSL Certificate when my Private Key, CSR, and Certificate are blank even after I press "generate Key/certificate" and fill out the info? my version of the SSL tab on the dashboard is different than many of the other tutorials I looked at on here. Also the system won't allow me to create a folder (/.well-known/) outside of "htdocs". What other option can I choose for the free ssl cert?
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