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  1. The // is disabled but it can be enabled by deleting the //
  2. Var items to update changes the url Var items to delete delete items
  3. if (typeof PAGE.appGroups !== 'undefined') { // Remove these home page links. // The keys are "group" tags, the values are tuples to identify items. var itemsToRemove = { 'preferences': [ ['feature', 'password'], ['feature', 'setlang'] ], 'files': [ ['feature', 'diskusageviewer'] ], // 'databases': [ // ['feature', 'postgres'], // ['file', 'remote_mysql'] // ], 'metrics': [ ['feature', 'errlog'], // Matches both PHP info and error logs ['featur
  4. Disable https or change signup url to ifastnet.com/register.php
  5. It is enabled automaticaly just try to aces with https
  6. I do not get any reply from the email that is on the weppage
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