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  1. Hi everyone, please I need your help, regarding the site builder software, when I create the site everything is fine, but when I log out as administrator, and after if I am going to modify the site again I am given two options to connect I am asked either to enter the email address or to enter the ftp username and password, the bad news is that when I make all these requests nothing works at all, when I enter the email address so that I can be sent the 6-digit code the code never arrives, and when I choose to enter the ftp username and the password the system refuses it says red on password wh
  2. hi please help me i am a free hosting reseller i will know how to modify the pages of my home website of my reseller not the control panel but my website here is the link www.atic-rdc.tk, i will that it be in French because here in Africa precisely in the DRC we speak French and I also have some writing that I will write on my site if possible, but the most important is to change the language of the site to French, please I await your response cordially thank you
  3. hi friends I am a reseller free hosting please I have a question I will know how to modify my home website here is the address of my reseller site: www.atic-rdc.tk, I am in Africa precisely in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we speak French how to modify my home website to put it in French I also have a few things to write on my site I await your answer cordially thank you
  4. salut tout ce que j'ai vraiment besoin de votre aide je me suis inscrit en tant que revendeur et mon adresse est: www.atic-rdc.tk, mais lorsque mes clients ont créé des comptes gratuits auprès de mon revendeur, et lorsqu'ils se connectent à leur panel pour créer leur site avec Site Builder , quand ils ouvrent le logiciel de création de site, il clique sur lancer le constructeur de site, puis il entre son adresse par exemple: youngpro.atic-rdc.tk, il entre son nom d'utilisateur ftp puis son mot de passe, il clique sur suivant et il entre l'email adresse enfin quand il démarre le processus on éc
  5. hi, my name is isaac i am in africa precisely in the democratic republic of congo, i will also become a reseller of free hosting as well, but i have a few questions to ask you: 1. concerning the language es que des sites Web and flat and even the services also work in French or it's only in English because I myself speak French English I will interpretation with the dictionary, 2. my second question is this how to proceed to finally register to become a hosting reseller, I tried to register but I did not succeed I will know that I must first buy a domain name and then insert it or everything
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