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  1. To be honest, it's quite understandable and I can't blame iFastNet for any of these! Anyhow, this still is after all an amazing provider. I have a question though, if I purchase the upgrade for my vPanel on my reseller hosting MOFH account, will my clients get the premium version too? If no, is there a way for me to make my clients have the premium version? Regards, Douglas.
  2. Hey there, I'm Douglas (aka vikingww2) and have now been using MOFH for almsot 6 months. Although I'm very new to using it and am not the most dedicated person, I find it amazing and easy to use. I would recommend a few things though which could largly improve the quality. First thing's first is a cPanel. I'd absolutelt love if MOFH could transfer from vPanel to cPanel because it's easier to use in my opinion, and offers a larger variety of tools. (realisticly I think e-mailing should be made free & available for all vPanels.) Next, I would love if the WHM API feature was renewed,
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