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  1. Hi everyone, admin s I can't edit or delete htaccess file I also can't create or copy or edit .override file or other files in directory above htdocs Plz help. thanks 😊
  2. hi thanks, my account goes to suspension then after 24 hours my original subdomain gas-boiler.gigfa.com backed from suspension but my addon domain gas-boiler.ir and its subdomains: shahin-shahr.gas-boiler.ir and blog.gas-boiler.ir not backed after 27 hours plz help i worry about Google ranksupdate update: now the only important gas-boiler.ir is the problem plz fix πŸ™
  3. hi everyone im very tired for 72 hours i still can't add my domain to cloud flare i need my domain ip address in free host on byet there is no way to find my ip in cpanel also itried many other ways plz help😒 update: i also can't use that site converting url to ip because my dns set to cloud flare
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