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  1. 1 hour ago, BastelPichi2 said:

    This is wrong!

    How? Just use the API to delete the account.


    From InfinityFree's API wrapper:

    • suspend
      • username: The unique, 8 character identifier of the account.
      • reason: A string with information about why you are suspending the account.
      • linked: If true, related accounts will be suspended as well.


    The API will suspend accounts, same thing as deleting them.

  2. 13 minutes ago, smallhost said:

    Users create their account with the form at https://smallhost.us.to/register.php, not the API.

    But that form is contacting the API, otherwise it would not work. You need to contact the API again and tell it to suspend the account. Also, I have many (2) free sites on free hosting that use meta-redirects, and nither has been suspended.


    Also, if a email address has too many suspended accounts, they will be permanently suspended. 



    You need to contact the API, do not employ any other tricks or iFastNet may suspended your reseller privileges. You can use the InfinityFree PHP API wrapper to make this a lot easier. 

  3. I did not check the client area, but on your main page...



    All details are listed

    Semi-human friendly



    The "Client area" drop down. Its a different color and the dropdown is in the wrong spot

    Get professional email

    Reduce the number of links in the main navigation menu. Move some (Like legal polices) to the footer


    Overall, amazing start!


  4. Looks like you still got a length limit on the "Site Name" field. 


    Other than the odd bullet points, they can be removed with...

        list-style: none;

    or by replacing the list with <p> and using "text-align: center;", everything looks good!


    EDIT: Why did you put the code within a quote Invision? 

  5. I cannot signup!


    You password field is restricting me only 8 characters, and I always get the "This domain is not available" message from iFastNet (And I cannot enter a ridiculously long one since there is a length restriction on that page too)!

  6. Hey there. You frontend looks like it is violating InfinityFree's copyright, and you have features you advertise that don't even work! If your using MOFHY, the SSL generator works fine.


    Also, you client area always changes to dark mode on every page change, and you cannot change the dark mode settings on most pages because it interferes with the GET parameter used by MOFHY! 


    You are also using a horrible ad-network that sends me to malware filled sites!


    Parts of your code are directly copied directly from InfinityFree, and you provide your customers with less information then other free hosts!


    If you want to be a respected hosting provider (Like InfinityFree), you need to have a custom UI interface that does not look like a watered-down duplicate of someone else's, have working features that you advertise, and supply your customers with more information that other hosts (Such as a free site builder (InfinityFree has it), The hosting volume (InfinityFree has it), and more)!


    As soon as I saw your client area and broken features (As well as the super-annoying dark mode behavior), I knew this was a low quality hosting provider. 


    .5/10 stars

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