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  1. Want to know why I hate computers? Its because they begin working when you do something totally unrelated. As soon as I turned on PHP errors, the domain sections started working, and so did the dropdown menu. (It still works after PHP errors are turned off)


    However, the accounts still don't show suspended when they actually are. (MOFH API and control panel show suspended, client area shows active). When PHP errors are on, nothing shows up, and everything else behaves normally.

  2. Still the same. I did a fresh install, but connected to the old database.


    Some of the test accounts I created were suspended for being created with a disposable email (Makes sense, I used one that does not exist), but even those don't show as suspended in the client area. The ones I manually suspended also don't show, even after a log-out.


    The person icon on myaccounts.php still does not work if the account is in the "Active" state.


    If one account is suspended, it allows you to create another one. So if I have 2 suspended accounts, it will allow me to create a total of 5 accounts. It dosent seam to count suspended accounts towards the three account limit.


    One last thing. The "Accounts" Counter on the homepage after the client logs in only counts "Active" accounts. The "Suspended" accounts don't add to that counter.


    Also, where can I get MOFHY Premium? 

  3. 1. A new install fixes the issue of having four accounts (The limit is back to three)

    2. After fresh install, the suspensions still don't work properly (panel.myownfreehost.net and the control panel say suspended, but the client area does not) OR (client area says suspended but panel.myownfreehost.net and the control panel do not)

    3. The person icon in the upper left still does not work on myaccounts.php (It seams to work if the account is "Suspended" or "Inactive" but it does not work if the account is "Active")

    3. What is MOFHY Premium?

  4. HUGE issues!


    1. The max here is 3, not 4!!!


    2. When account is suspended from panel.myownfreehost.net, the client area does not show suspension!!! (The client area account has signed-out and signed back in, the suspension still does not show)

    Control Panel:




    Client Area:



    Similarly, if the user is suspended via the database, ONLY the client area updates, the control panel and panel.myownfreehost.net stay as "Active"



    A less important thing, but the person icon (Which houses the theme switch button) cannot be opened from the myaccounts.php page.



    Sorry about bringing all these things to your attention at once, but I have way to much extra times on my hands right now 😂

  5. Also, the domains section just shows a black box with the text "Account Domains". The pages source code also seams messed up (The last div is not closed).


         <div class="card py-0">
            <div class="d-flex justify-content-between align-items-center pt-15">
                <h5 class="m-0">Account Domains</h5>
            <div class="mb-10">



    Oh, and the Hosting API

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