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  1. yeah, but dont know how to proceed. i click configure/generate key and or nothing happens or both boxes are fullfilled with characters. Nothing more, no more options, nothing says ssl activated or anything else. And web is not secure sorry but i dont see where to go on
  2. Sorry to bother, I'm trying to activate SSL for my page and i cant find where, have tried to do it into cpanel, have tried to do it with a wp plugin.... im looking for tutorials/help anywhere but i'm not able to do it! thanks in advance...
  3. Answer to myself if anyone has this problem. When you install wordpress via softacoulous you have to specify htdocs as install dir.
  4. Hi! My wordpress web created via softacolous is not accesible via http://cavilesphoto.byethost7.com/ but its accesible (kind of, shows nothing found) via https://cavilesphoto.byethost7.com/htdocs/index.php Is it normal? What should i do, how can i make it just byethost7.com?
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