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Found 10 results

  2. FR Bonjour Vous vous poser peut être la question de quel zone client choisir pour votre hébergement revendeur mofh ? Et bien voici de quoi vous aidée : Tous d'abord, voici les différente propositions : -Xera -GenerateArea (obsolète) -Project-Logged (pas une zone client, modèle d'authentification) Project-Logged est un moyen plus simple que le moyen par défaut de gérer les utilisateurs, ce n'est pas une zone client (mais cela reste une très bonne solution pour ceux qui voudrait une solution simple)... Comme dit plus tôt, GenerateArea est obsolète, donc à ce jour, c'est Xera qui est la solution recommander, la solution comporte un ou deux bug, mais il sont facile à résoudre, vous trouverez sur se forum des sujet pour vous aider... Plusieurs projets de nouvelles zones clients sont en projet, mais juste en projet... Voila, en souhaitent que cela aide !!! ---trad google--- EN Hello You may be wondering which customer zone to choose for your mofh reseller hosting? Well here is what will help you: First of all, here are the different proposals: -Xera -GenerateArea (deprecated) -Project-Logged (not a client area, authentication model) Project-Logged is a simpler way than the default way to manage users, it is not a client area (but it is still a very good solution for those who would like a simple solution)... As said earlier, GenerateArea is obsolete, so to date, Xera is the recommended solution, the solution has one or two bugs, but they are easy to resolve, you will find topics on this forum to help you... Several projects for new customer areas are in the works, but just in planning... There you go, hope this helps !!!
  3. Salut 🙂 Dans Xera, la fonction "whois lookup" ne marche pas... Que faire pour la réparer ? Merci ---trad google--- Hi 🙂 In Xera, the "whois lookup" function does not work... What to do to repair it? THANKS
  4. Salut 😄 Je crois que Mofh-r est définitivement mort avec PHP 8 😉😵 ! Il affiche des tas d'erreurs , du type de celle-ci : A PHP Error was encountered Severity: 8192 Message: Creation of dynamic property CI_URI::$config is deprecated Filename: core/URI.php Line Number: 101 Backtrace: File: /.../censurer/... Line: 315 Function: require_once Voila, Je pense que tous le monde qui utilise Mofh-r ont le même problème ? ---trad google--- Hi 😄 I think Mofh-r is definitely dead with PHP 8 😉 😵! It displays lots of errors, like this: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: 8192 Message: Creation of dynamic property CI_URI::$config is deprecated Filename: core/URI.php Line Number: 101 Backtrace: File: /.../censorship/... Line: 315 Function: require_once There you go, I think everyone who uses Mofh-r has the same problem ?
  5. Introduction Xera Lite is a free web hosting solution for MyOwnFreeHost client and support management system designed to work with less specifications. Features Xera Lite features are listed below: 1. MOFH Api Integration 2. Support Ticket System 3. Easy Template System 4. User Management 5. SMTP Support Requirements Your server need to met minimal requirements: 1. PHP v5.6 or above. 2. MySQL v5.2 or above. 3. Valid SSL Certificate. Download Download it from Google Drive. Help Forum: fourm.xera.eu.org Email: [email protected]
  6. Bonjour j'ai une petite erreur : comment la résoudre ? J'ai cocher la case activer le captcha (Hcaptcha), mais sans avoir rentrer la clef... du coups je suis bloquer et je ne peut plus me connecter ... ---tard google--- Good morning I have a small error: how to solve it ? I checked the box to activate the captcha (Hcaptcha), but without having entered the key... suddenly I am blocked and I can no longer connect ...
  7. Bonjour Comment peut on supprimé des utilisateurs de Xera / GenerateArea ? Merci ---trad google--- Good morning How can users be deleted from Xera / GenerateArea ? THANKS
  8. Bonjour Puis-je utiliser une adresse mail comme Gmail (à la place de : [email protected]) pour les mail envoyer depuis la zone clients (Xera/Generate Area) ? Je ne sais pas si je suis très claire... Mais bon 😅 ---trad google--- Good morning Can I use an email address like Gmail (instead of: [email protected]) for emails sent from the client area (Xera/Generate Area)? I don't know if I'm very clear... But hey 😅
  9. Salut Qui connais : UIISC https://uiisc.org/ Cela vous semble bien ? ---trad google--- Hi Who knows: UIISC https://uiisc.org/ Sounds good to you?
  10. Hello everyone! Previously i saw many people moving from mofhy or any other platform to xera and were facing a few issues that can be fixed by just a few efforts. Although i created xera but i was unable to completely understand it myself and it was also built on an outdated version of codeigniter(V3) and there was a few missing features as well. So i was thinking to make a clientarea according to current user need and up-to-dated vendors. I'm going to use Codeigniter 4 with a few tweaks. So I thought ask seniors for their suggestions on what features i should add in newly build clientarea which can go a long way.
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