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Found 2 results

  1. This is a VistaPanel Add-on. It serves as a replacement to the original Site Builder - this is using the Site.Pro Site Builder. You just need fill out the form to use it - very easy. You don't need an API key or anything else because my API powers this. It has been tested on my local PC before, and it worked fine. I am not sure about the "Render" option, though. However, the Node Express Host will work. GitHub Repo: https://github.com/ImLoadingUuU/VistaPanel-SB/ Implementation code: Installation: You may introduce it into your control panel by adding it as an advertisement banner. (e.g., in the footer section) The main page should look like this: Error pages look like this:
  2. I tried the Byet Sitebuilder (https://www.mysitebuilder.org) and when I choose a theme and fill out the forms I get this message: <!-- Quick Stats. Main path, to look for files: /var/www/html/kopage_files/ Short path: /var/www/html Will delete from FROM path: /var/www/html Will delete from TO path: /var/www/html/kopage_files/ --><!-- Temp dir created: "/var/www/html/kopage_temp/projects.gamanware.ga_ec8da1650b353f50aeb3fe14b8d5a663" --><!-- Creating Directories... OK --> <!--zipUploadOK not OK"--> <!--Created folder: data--> <!--Created folder: data/templates--> <!--Created folder: data/templates/kopage3--> <!--Created folder: data/templates/kopage3/images--> <!--Created folder: inc--> <!--Created folder: inc/tiny_mce--> <!--Created folder: inc/tpls--> <!--Created folder: inc/js--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/chosen--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/fontawesome--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/fontawesome/langs--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/fontawesome/css--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/fontselect--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/grid--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/camera--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/fancybox--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/nivo--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/bootstrap--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/bootstrap/fonts--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/galleria--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/players--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/anythingslider--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/adgallery--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/cloudzoom--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/jbox--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/tinymce--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/tour--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/jstree--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/jquery-ui--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/pickadate--> <!--Created folder: inc/js/uploader--> <!--Created folder: inc/modules--> <!--Created folder: admin--> <!--Created folder: editor_images--> <!--Created folder: editor_images/tree--> <!--Created folder: modules--> <!--Created folder: modules/tees--> <!--Created folder: modules/shop--> <!--Created folder: modules/shop/inc--> <!--Created folder: modules/shop/scripts--> <!--Created folder: modules/shop/shop_images--> <!--Created folder: modules/addToGoogle--> <!--Created folder: modules/blog--> <!--Created folder: modules/form--> <!--Created folder: modules/form/images--> <!--Created folder: modules/ihelp--> <!--Created folder: modules/gallery--> <!--Created folder: modules/teditor--> <!--Created folder: modules/map--> <!--Created folder: modules/muut--> <!--Created folder: modules/RestaurantMenu--> <!--Created folder: modules/comment--> <!--Created folder: modules/calendar--> <!--Created folder: modules/calendar/js--> <!--Created folder: modules/include--> <!--Created folder: modules/feed--> <!--Created folder: modules/smartsupp--> <!--Created folder: modules/newsletter--> <!-- Upgrade process = 4 --> <!-- Create zdata file --> <!-- Upgrade process = 5 --> <!-- Standard installation, start uploading process --><!--connection is broken (#3/opt2, ftp_systype)... {trying to copy kopage_files/data/templates/kopage3/images/_config.js to data/templates/kopage3/images/_config.js }-->Connection to host passed. Login failed. <!-->
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