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Found 4 results

  1. Bonjour Je suggère de moderniser les styles des différents composent mofh (Vpanel, phpmyadmin, panel mofh...) Parce que le style du panneau admin mofh est trop style "Windows 7", là, ont est à Windows 11... Et il n'est même pas comme la page de connexion... Le Vpanel, J'ai lu sur le forum infinityfree que c'était en préparation (https://forum.infinityfree.net/t/jupiter-theme/84637). Phpmyadmin mérite de nouveaux thème plus modernes : voir ce sujet https://www.byet.net/index.php?/topic/68525-changé-le-thème-de-phpmyadmin-changed-the-theme-of-phpmyadmin/ Et il y à peut être d'autres choses que j'oublie... Voila 😄 . ---trad google--- Hello I suggest modernizing the styles of the different mofh components (Vpanel, phpmyadmin, mofh panel...) Because the style of the mofh admin panel is too "Windows 7" style, here we are at Windows 11... And it's not even like the login page... The Vpanel, I read on the infinityfree forum that it was in preparation (https://forum.infinityfree.net/t/jupiter-theme/84637). Phpmyadmin deserves new, more modern themes: see this topic https://www.byet.net/index.php?/topic/68525-changé-le-thème-de-phpmyadmin-changed-the-theme-of-phpmyadmin/ And there may be other things I'm forgetting... There you go 😄.
  2. Bonjour Je suggère que Composer soit installer par défaut sur les hébergement web gratuit... ---trad google--- Good morning I suggest that Composer be installed by default on free web hosting...
  3. I want to make site same like infinityfree . I had myownfreehost account. I had Sataria theme and installed on my main domain . For subdomain app.infinityfree.net which theme is used ? please tell all themes names which is used by infinity free . I am beginner in this area . Just tell me main steps . Just tell me from where i need to start . I can buy themes becoz they are permanent. Is i need to buy premium hosting for free hosting also ?
  4. 1) Security Would it be possible to add a section to the re-sellers panel etc. to allow for users to put Certificates on the FTP Server, cpanel.<domain>.<tld> and order.<domain>.<tld> as this would enhance user safety and make resellers' websites safer for users and resellers themselves. Would it be possible to also add support for RSA 4096 Certificates/Private Keys and ability to add CA Bundles; as some software/web management systems block websites with SSL Certs but no CA Bundle, possibly add safer internet features like this for 'customers' but you may not need to as, again it can be abused, but would be better for resellers, as i have resellers in for the certificates for FTP,Cpanel and Order and higher strength. 2) cPanel / VistaPanel Would we be able to change/add messages to the users cPanel? This would come in useful, for times when there maybe a Security issue/General News/Issues etc. Possibly a change of Applications? Would we be able to add new applications our self/links to other websites this could make each reseller stand out, as the only way to stand out is home-page design, Security, Packages and Logo/Name at this moment not much for the 'customer' There are people who are a reseller who have actually developed web applications that can come into alot of use. Obviously, there is issues with the ad display on the current cPanel, but has been suggested by a different user, and as far as i can see you may be using the newer style/theme of cPanel, called Paper Lantern, which looks very nice so i mean that'll be just visually better to look at and easier to navigate, Can we get more information on this? 3) New Web Builder The current web builder is quite buggy and made for older PHP/Web designs, would it be possible to get a change of web builder? or try other services like Zyro Web Builder (Which is used by 000webhost etc.) Could even have both web builders for people whom like the older designs, but the current web builder is quite buggy and not in support of newer PHP and Styles. As said above, possibly resellers could add a link to their webpage with templates for users? 4) Loosen Restrictions for Resellers/Customers When attempting to use the automatic software installer, which is mentioned alot, some applications like Wordpress may not work correctly, as when trying to install new themes etc, it is harder to do as the PHP restrictions are extremely strict and stop users from being able to install a simple site/CMS like Wordpress. I have tried this, have tried many themes and constantly get errors like '0' and my session is timed out every 5 to 10 seconds. Thanks, PixelHost https://pixelhost.cf
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