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SMTP dont send email to hotmail or gmail, but yes Roundcube

Guest Juang

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Guest Juang
Hello, sorry for the question, but how i can configure my SMTP server in a free account of byet?. When i use a php function mail(), i can send an email to my account in Roundcube [email][email protected][/email] but when i send an email to gmail or hotmail, dont work. I´m trying to use smtp server of gmail but doesnt work the redirect. Any configuracion in smtp to byet to use alone or whit smtp for gmail? thanks.
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Guest BurkeKnight
[B]Please note this is not a tech support forum. If you have a issue with your hosting that requires staff assistance, please kindly send us a support ticket, you can register [URL="https://support.ifastnet.com"]here for support.[/URL] Don't forget to check our [URL="https://kb.securesignup.net/"]Knowledge Base[/URL][/B]
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Guest meempatkk
I have the issue with mail() of PHP. Its not working with your server. But its working with others. Please explain
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I am having the same issue... If so many people run into the same issue, perhaps an official explanation is due, to avoid having multiple support tickets on the same topic. I tried sending e-mails to 4 domains , and waited for several hours, and none of the e-mails (other than those sent to the internal address) arrived.
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14 hours ago, Hostingaj said:


Your email’s are sent, but gmail and hotmail filters it because the emails are not encrypted by ByetHost,


They are doing the right thing by not encrypting them, because if they do, the server costs will be more expensive, so.. the free hosting won’t be free..


If you want your mails to pass the filter, i would recommend you the premium iFastNet hosting plans. You can get in touch with support or ask moderators such as @mike for detailed info about premium plans.

Another solution is (that’s free) you can connect your MX records to Yandex for free to get unlimited email, but i’d recommend iFastNet premium plans.. They are dirt cheap, also you’ll get a brand new dark cPanel, also higher GBs of Disk Space, 24/7 Support..



Please try not to revive old threads, as this profiles no longer exist, and most of this questions, are answered in newer threads.

The web mail only works internally, and email functions are limited due to the amount of spammers that wanted to use it to send junk emails. Still, you can configure the webmail to send, and receive through other services like google, or yandex.

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