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What is supported with emails on free hosting accounts?

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Does anyone know what is supported on free hosting regarding emails?

According to the website hosting demo templates provided by MOFH here http://myownfreehost.net/templatedemos.php the email feature are:

Email Accounts (you@yourdomain.com)
Email Forwarders
MX Record Entry
SPF Records

I have tried to access webmail and the webmail server does not accept any logins. I also set up a email forwarder but never received the test emails I sent to that address and they get undeliverable return messages after a couple of days. This is bad as this was the email address i created for my hosting website which means I cannot respond to any email sent by customers, I can use a gmail email account but this does not look as professional as name@yourdomain.com

I have seen another post on the forum which says email forwards and webmail are only available on paid hosting, if this is the case why are they are listed as free hosting features in website templates offered by MOFH?

UPDATE: I am not sure if part of the problem is that my MX records are not correct. I opened a support ticket to see whether my MX records need updating as I am using cloudflare on my site and perhaps the MX records are incorrect

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