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Odd MySQL behaviour on free hosting

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I happened to notice this when messing with a database a while ago, that my tables were seemingly not inserting as InnoDB engine despite my .sql file having no errors (testing at home was fine with no changes to the database server).

Instead they inserted as MyISAM as if it was just ignoring the engine part of the table creation altogether...

This was a while ago, so I might test it later and see whether it was just a problem with me doing something stupid but I seem to also recall basic emoji breaking despite using utf8mb4 and utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci in my database...

Don't take this as something to look at right now until I can update with more details. :P


I found out InnoDB is blocked on free hosting (only finding out from a GitHub issue that someone pasted a ticket response in a reply) and any instances of it are rewritten to use MyISAM internally as a result. Is there any particular reasoning behind that, especially given more and more scripts are going to be likely to drop MyISAM in the future due to it being a much older standard?

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